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The Self Made Club

Self Made Club started as an idea.

It was simple, really. A concept borne of the realization that there are so many companies and brands out there that focus on their service first and the customer second. I wanted to create a safe haven. A place where everyone could be seen and heard. The world is changing, and so too should companies.

Self Made Club is a place where everyone can celebrate success without fear of reprisal, censorship, condemnation, judgement, the list goes on and on. My philosophy is; if you are happy and excited about your recent accomplishments, then Self Made Club stands behind you. Together, we will celebrate your achievements and help amplify you on the world stage.

We have formed a community. A family that appreciates the little things. Concepts like 'one day at a time,' and making the world a better place. It all coalesces into one movement. A paradigm shift that will change the very nature of reality as we once knew it.

It has been a long time coming. One thing is for certain...Self Made Club is here to stay. And we have so many exciting things planned for the future. Here's to your continued success and a better tomorrow!

- Jim, Founder of Self Made Club

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