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Self Made Success

Our #SelfMadeSuccess campaign began about a year ago. It started as a simple post highlighting a person’s perspective about ‘success’ and what the concept or idea meant to them. It blossomed into something so much more than that. We set out with the goal of ‘reposting’ people and ended up unearthing an entire movement.

Everyone has a story. It’s what we tell ourselves day after day. Tales of triumph, overcoming the odds, humble beginnings, proud accomplishments, daunting challenges – so much goes into our daily lives. A collective of moments, a mosaic of Self Made people.

Success is something that depends on the person. It can be a monumental result or a small act. There is no limit or specific label that can be placed upon success at all. That’s what makes featuring people so awesome. Countless stories. Wildly different perspectives.

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in your car while hustling to make your dreams come true? Or what it feels like to finally have a business up and running after years of doubt and setbacks? Or what kind of adrenaline rush it is to perform in front of people who are singing lyrics you had written?

These stories are a representation of humanity’s journey. Organic growth and development is an ongoing event. It’s something that’s always in motion. A never-ending construct that we are bound to. Here at Self Made Club, we’ll continue to shine a light on those who strive for excellence and greatness.

Taking steps toward a better tomorrow, one Self Made Success story at a time.

- Jim

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