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Build 'Saratonin,' get 'Saratoned' with Fitness Influencer Sara Allison

The Creator's Network is proud to welcome Fitness Influencer Sara Allison!

Sara is an athlete, fitness enthusiast and influencer who is dedicated to inspiring other college students around the world. Here's Sara's take on what fitness has done for her:

"Working out has helped me battle my inner demons by giving me a healthy outlet and I'm so much more happier than I used to be. My main goal with all this is to inspire other college students, who might be in similar situations, to find what moves them & live healthier lives." - Sara Allison

Awesome perspective right there!

You can find Sara on Instagram at: @saratoned

And on YouTube!

Here's her latest vlog episode:

Be sure to check it out and subscribe to her channel!

More to come from Sara in the future!

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