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One World. Billions Of Stories. Come Share Yours.


One world. Billions of stories.

It always amazed me; the concept of how vast the world was. From different landscapes to cultures, languages to methods of communication. Lifestyles, beliefs, routines and so on.

The world - the one we live in - is huge.

So many new things to discover. Almost too many. And in truth, we'll never fully grasp the entirety of what's out there. The very thought of missing out on opportunities and of learning something new used to send me into an anxious state. Questions would surface in my if I never live long enough to experience this or that or anything substantial?

Then, somewhere along the way, I learned to make peace with the Great Unknown. Choosing to go with the flow and cruise along (from a certain standpoint) and accepting that I had much to learn was the cornerstone to unlocking a new state of mind. One which would lead me to creating Self Made Club and chasing goals that I had set for myself.

In a way, it's an endless endeavor. Mankind has this thing etched into its DNA - of yearning for more out of life and existence. Sure, there are times where we kind of just want to lounge about or revel in laziness. It's never a perfect ebb of constant motivation. But, it's something that can be tapped into.

Something that can change your entire reality.

There are so many stories out there. Over 7 billion. Many tales are bound in triumph, while others in pain and suffering. So much is to be learned and understood. Because ultimately, that's what will drive us further into the future, where we can hopefully create something that will benefit everyone. Whether that's a blog, your Instagram page, your art, movies, music; there are no limits as to what can improve the world we live in.

Shifting perspectives, the expansion of the human mind & spirit - these are the things that are truly important.

And with Self Made Club, this blog, and any other outlet that we run, we promise to always uphold those intangible values and provide you with everything that you will need on your journey.

- Jim

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