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The Power of Self Made.


Symbols are powerful.

Throughout the ages, mankind has created symbols as a means of displaying an ideology, belief, or statement in accordance with their actions. There are so many examples: national flags, company logos, even emoji’s express a sentiment or act that we’re attempting to communicate.

But a symbol; a lone, dedicated image, is something that transcends the monotony of life.

We all have a story. Every single one of us. That story may include a tale of triumph against all odds or it might just be something as simple as taking life one day at a time. The truth is – time – is a finite thing. It’s fleeting. Just a wisp in the spectrum of all things. It’s an invisible force that we use to measure our actions and existence.

How you spend your time is important. Do you wake up each morning and live like it’s going to be your last day, savoring each moment? Appreciating the little things? Maybe not. Or maybe you do. Maybe you realized that one day, all things will eventually meet their end, so you strive to make the most of the here and now.

It’s an admirable goal in this modern age. With so many distractions at our fingertips it’s easy to get lost in the fray. Sometimes, it’s okay to. But when we have a dream of doing something extraordinary, not so much.

That leads me to the symbol that we carefully created:


Yes, at first glance, it’s a pretty simple design. Almost too simple, like I went into some freemium paint program and waved my mouse blindly across the screen in a triangle motion. But when we peel back the layers, there’s something there. Something that, I think, is relateable to us all. Yes – it’s shaped like a triangle and…kind of looks like a pyramid. But it’s not.

It’s a mountain.

Now, I can already see that you’re rolling your eyes or shaking your head (smh’ing while sitting down)

You: *Checks symbol again*

Me: *nods*

Well, technically it’s an unfinished mountain. Ten percent of the symbol is missing. And that’s for a reason.

For the past few months, as you sent us your stories, your tales of success, I thought long and hard about what it meant to be self-made. It was evident to me that we were all connected in some small way. Even though our paths are different, there’s still something that keeps us going. Call it resolve, passion, ambition or whatever you want. It’s clear as day to me and is most likely clear to you too. We’ve all set forth on a voyage. A journey. Conquering our demons. Overcoming our obstacles and challenges.

Being self-made…it’s like climbing a mountain.

Realizing your dream is the final ten percent.

Imagine this – you’re on your own mountain, by yourself, sweating and panting and wishing that you could just quit and return to the luxury of your home. And yet, you remembered why you signed up for the climb.

You wanted to see what life was like from the highest point in the sky.

It’s a scene that no one can replicate for you. To breathe the fresh air. To feel the crisp wind as it pelts your face with the scent of pine. To see the world as it spins from a precipice that you struggled so hard to reach. It’s this moment, this single, perfect moment, that makes time stand still.

Everything stops. All the built up fear, the obligations, the stress. It melts away, revealing the purest sense of accomplishment that you’ve ever felt before. It’s perfection. Oneness. Peace.

We’re all searching for something at the top of that mountain. It's right there, attainable. Reachable. We just have to dig deep - into our souls - to make it happen. Never stop venturing. Always stay hungry. Learn something new, anything new, every single day.

Seconds, minutes, bouts of boredom - this is what will define your legacy. We see the big picture, always, because we're wired to seek what lies beyond the hills. But sometimes, we fail to see the verdant grass that lines our way there.

When you stare at that symbol again, think about your own adventure. The challenges you face, the passion that you feel, the goals that you have yet to accomplish for yourself.

I want you to realize that you have an entire community here for you, cheering you on, waiting for you to reach the top of that mountain. To see what you've always wanted to see.

Your dreams, realized.

- Jim

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